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Girls Run The World!

women in protest

It is Women’s History Month, and women and girls are still making history as we speak. Instead of focusing on accomplishments of women in the past we wanted to switch it up. Here are the girls who are changing our present and our future.

Mari Copeny aka Miss Flint

Mari is the definition of a child activist. She has been fighting for clean, lead-free water in Flint, Michigan since she was 8. Her work has caused people around the United States to address racial inequalities of water quality. 

Greta Thunberg 

One of the more well-known young women activists, Greta Thunberg is a Swedish 17-year-old girl who has been extremely outspoken about climate change. She has been invited to speak at the UN and other large political events.

Emma Gonzales

After surviving a school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, Emma Gonzales and other students from the school led one of the largest gun-control protests the country has seen. In addition, she gave one of the most memorable speeches about gun violence at the March For Our Lives protest. 

Malala Yousafzai 

Another household name, Malala Yousafzai began her fight for female education around the globe. Her bravery reached new levels when she faced a horrible attack for her activism, but continued to advocate for the cause. She also started the Malala Fund, which helps girls around the world fund their education. 

Khloe Thompson

Homelessness was something that concerned 11-year-old Khloe Thompson when she decided to found Khloe Kares, a foundation that provides care packages to shelters and homeless individuals around the nation. The foundation has dispersed 1000s of care packages to date. 

These are only a few of the young girls who are helping to make our planet a safer and more equal place. It is no shocker that these women are so young and making such a huge impact because who runs the world? Girls!

Women-Made Inventions For Everyone

Women have added a lot to our society. From science to medicine women have put in work.  During this Women’s History Month, let’s look at some of the best inventions made by women:  


1. Car Heater: Margaret Wilcox

Margaret Wilcox invented central car heating in 1893. As a result we can stay cozy in our vehicles. 

                                       fire escape sign

2. Fire Escape: Anna Connelly

Anna Connelly invented the fire escape in 1887, saving many lives. Because of her living in apartments has been much safer.

                                        girl getting her eyes checked by doctor

3. Laser Cataract Surgery: Patricia Bath

Patricia Bath finished her laser cataract patent in 1986. Due to her invention thousands of people can still see. 

                                        vintage computer

4. Computer Algorithm: Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace wrote the first “computer” program in the 1840s. Her work helps computer scientists write programs till this day.

                                       the circular saw

5. Circular Saw: Tabitha Babbitt

Tabitha Babbitt is known for inventing the circle saw. During the year 1813 everyone praised her for inventing the convenient tool.

                                       open dishwasher

6. Dishwasher: Josephine Cochrane 

Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher in 1886. Since then chores have been way easier.

                                        medical syringe

7. Medical Syringe: Letitia Geer

Letitia Geer invented medical syringes that were clean and easy to use in 1899. Due to her invention hospitals are much safer.

                                      police with bullet proof vests

8. Bulletproof Vests: Stephanie Kwolek

Stephanie Kwolek discovered Kevlar fabric in 1965. Because of her discoveries we have bulletproof jackets and vests.

                                       windshield wipers

9. Windshield Wiper: Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper In 1903. As a result all cars use her invention.

Without women in science, our lives would be much less safe, convenient, and enjoyable.    

Women Need Allies Like You

Allies for women, it’s your time. Although Women’s History Month is ending, women’s rights are always important. After all, women need allies year-round. Thankfully there are several ways you can step up to the plate. If you don’t know the best way to be an ally, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

business man and woman standing next to eachother

What does it mean to be an ally?

An ally supports and defends someone who is less privileged than themself. There are many ways to support someone else, and at times it may be a little uncomfortable to speak up for someone. But thats just what the world needs. 

We need men to be allies for women

Most men listen to other men more than they listen to women. When a woman speaks up about the inequalities she faces, it is less likely for her claims to be taken seriously unless she has men as allies supporting her issues. This is why it is so important that men who are willing to be allies amplify the voices of women and their experiences. 

Good intentions are not enough t shirt
Listen Actively

You must hear what someone is saying before you can amplify their issues. As an ally one of the best things to do is listen. Actively listen to what the women in your life say their experiences are and take their words seriously. 

Accept Differences In Experiences

Pay attention to the conversations of women you are close with, but also understand that not all experiences will be the same. You can also expand your viewpoints by doing independent reading and research. When you have a better understanding of gender issues, you can be a better.

We really aren’t that differenta group of peoples hands coming together

While there have been endless books written on the differences between men and women, there is actually a lot more in common than we like to acknowledge. Everyone wants respect, fair treatment, and to be heard. By making the decision to be an ally to women, you are helping the world become more equitable and safer for all.

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