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KidNation was built on the foundation of enrichment through entertainment for the next generation. With everything going on in this world, we felt extremely passionate about releasing “Get Along” early. The message is simple but needed now more than ever. We tell our kids how important it is to lead with love. Somewhere along the way, we sometimes forget that. We’re going to let the kids remind you. Let’s “Get Along”.

Show us how you #GetAlong

Send us your version of "Get Along" (up to 1 minute long) for a chance to be featured on KidNation!* Remember to have fun and show off your creativity :)


Stay Clean Father's Day Challenge

Submit a video to our song “Stay Clean” for the Stay Clean Father's Day Challenge! The top 3 videos will receive a prize and be revealed during a live virtual session. To be eligible, your video must be between 30 to 60 seconds.