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Zoo Lesson Plan

Objective: Learn the names of different types of animals.

Takeaway: There are many different animals who all live in different habitats around the world.

Time: 20 Minutes

Grade level: K-2

Tags: animals, nature, zoo, habitats, tigers, lions, whales

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My Life Lesson Plan

Objective: Write and draw the things that make a good friend, and why friendship is important.


Time: 30 Minutes

Grade level: 2-3

Tags: friendship, good habits, mindfulness, activities, writing, language arts

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School In The Morning

Back to School Checklist Worksheet

Objective: Create a checklist for things to do before going back to school.

Takeaway: Being organized and having a back-to-school routine is key for being a good student.

Time: 20 Minutes

Grade level: 2-3

Tags: school, summer, back to school, checklist, to-do list, language arts, planning, writing

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Summertime Lesson Plan


Objective: Write about favorite summer activities, goals, and the upcoming school year.

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Tags: summer, summertime, pop, song, pool, beach, camp, fun, activity, school, end of school, writing, language arts

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